How to Share With Just Friends

How to Share With Just Friends How to share with just friends. Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

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Fibromyalgia and the Brain Stem Connection

The American College of Rheumatology has stated that the onset of Fibromyalgia-like symptoms usually starts within five years of a trauma to the upper neck region.  In this video, we break down each part of Fibromyalgia and discuss how our procedure, through gentleness, specificity (and adherence to a simple principle) has helped thousands of Fibromyalgia […]

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Back Pain Scoliosis

Click the link below to download the E-Book BACK PAIN SCOLIOSIS

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My Favorite Olympics Moment

Life can throw you for a loop sometimes, especially with this COVID 19 Virus.  While it's okay to get down, it's NOT okay to stay down.  Our attitudes are one of only a few things that we have any control over, and this is important to remember when we encounter adversity or when things happen […]

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Adaptation, Stress Prevention & Peace Creation

In the midst of the COVID-19 Lockdown, one thing I cling to is that there IS another side.  There IS a time that this will go away and our lives can get back to "normal".   I believe that, for the individual, this is both a test and an incubation period.  It's a test in that we […]

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5 Natural and Drug-Free Things You Can Do to STOP/Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain

Here are five natural and drug-free things that you can do starting right now on your own to either stop or greatly eliminate the pain - the chronic aching, bruising pain and fatigue often associated with Fibromyalgia. Epsom Salt Soak Child's Pose Control Your Breathing Turmeric Root Our approach The first one is to go […]

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Why we're intending on staying open during Covid-19 I needed to determine what an essential office visit is versus non essential during this Covid 19 Shutdown.  After thinking about whether I should remain open or not (for about a second), I determined that we WILL maintain the same exact hours as before, through the end of this shut-down for three main reasons: […]

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PSC Announces Corona Virus Precautionary Measures

Friends and Patients, As you know, the Covid 19 Corona Virus is of growing public concern.  Last night (3/11), the President spoke about how this is being called a pandemic and recommended all Americans to take certain precautionary measures. In the chiropractic world, we say that disease is due to the lack of one’s ability […]

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Air Supply: Fine Tuning Your Breathing for Better Oxygen Circulation

       You've gotta breathe anyway...        Oxygen is the fuel our cells need to carry out their day to day functions.  Yet, as a culture, our habit is to breathe too shallowly, from the chest.  Because of this, oxygen doesn't get absorbed into the alveoli as well and the consequences are […]

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The Posture Decompression System - Kits Now Available!

The Posture Decompression System Kits are now available! The PDS does several things:  it helps improve both your standing and sitting posture; it helps to decompress your spine while face down and face up; it helps decrease/prevent back pain; and it helps you beat gravity over the long haul. The original idea for this sprouted […]

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